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Energy Staffing Specialist. Creating a sustainable workforce. When you seek workers, as we seek
energy independence.
  • Administrative
  • Assembly
  • Construction
  • Customer service
  • Electrical and mechanical technicians
  • Environmental health and safety
  • Installation crews
  • Plant operations
  • Quality control
Energy Staffing

Right now, all eyes are on you. With the government and the nation’s public determined to see renewable energy sources increase at an unprecedented rate, your company is likely experiencing both the benefit of business growth – and intense pressures to perform. Companies involved in solar, wind, biofuels, energy efficiency and other sustainable efforts are on the move to build the right workforce to manage productivity demands, while containing costs to compete with traditional forms of energy.

Whether you need skilled, passionate people for manufacturing, assembly, installation, transport, R&D or other support roles, Global Service Resources has access to top quality candidates, ready to contribute to your company and promote your immediate and future objectives. Our nationwide network of offices proactively recruits for temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent positions across clean energy sectors. With our presence in your local community, we can deliver one associate or one hundred to get your job done. And we’ll partner with you to build a cost-effective, flexible source of labor whose abilities and attitudes match your company’s goals and culture…those whose desire to work for an environmentally progressive organization is a key to their career choice. That translates to higher productivity, lower turnover and accelerated progress. Let us put our industry expertise to work for you.

Global Service Resources Energy Services provides energy staffing in the following areas: Oil & Gas,  Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Renewable Energy.

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