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About Us


Global Service Resources, Inc. was founded in 1993.

Our mission is to bring great people and great organizations together. This is the foundation that has made Global Service Resources, Inc. who we are today. What sets Global Service Resources, Inc. apart in the staffing industry is our ability to provide staffing solutions tailored to each market we service. The most effective way to assist our customers and contract employees is to understand the industries you work in. We are always evaluating the positions and skills that are most valuable in your industry.  By leveraging our staffing industry knowledge,  Global Service Resources, Inc. can find you the perfect job opportunity or manage your workforce demands.

Our Mission

  • We deliver what we promise beyond what’s expected.
  • We measure the quality of our service by the customers perception of it’s value.
  • We are honest and ethical in all our dealings.
  • We value long-term relationship over short-term profit.
  • We value and promote win/win relationships.
  • We embrace diversity and teamwork.

Global Service Resources, Inc.

711 S. Victory Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

Looking for top talent?

Call: 1-(800)-679-SOLUTIONS

Looking for a job opportunity?

Call: 1-(800)-62-RESOURCES

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