Celebrating Laboratory Professionals and Pathologists Week! April 19-25th, 2020




Do you know that Laboratory Professionals save lives every day?

They are the ones that analyze your blood, urine, etc… to determine what you need to do in order to stay healthy. They can determine what kind of antibiotic can save your life by just studying your blood sample. They can also monitor your cancer and diabetes. On top of several other duties, they are essential for Covid-19 Testing going on all over the world right now.

That is why we have a whole week to honor Laboratory Professionals and Pathologists. This year, it was on April 19-25th.

Annually, our director, Nick Sefayan provides a catered lunch for all of our lab employees to show our deepest appreciation. Of course, this year, there were some concerns over safety because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. However, after very careful planning and receiving the green light from Healthcare Supervisors, he was able to continue the tradition and bring a feast for over 150 Laboratory Workers at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital and Olive View Medical Center.

Thank you, Laboratory Workers!

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