Community service with our staff at The Midnight Mission

The staff at Global Service Resources decided to take their company outing at The Midnight Mission this past month! The Midnight Mission is a non-profit organization that services the less fortunate in the center of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, CA.  Our staff were given a tour of the facility and learned about the variety of life changing services this organization has to offer!






Thanks to our guide we learned about the history and the services The Midnight Mission has to offer like on site medical and mental healthcare, meals, housing, education and career services! This facility has been open since 1914 and has never once closed its doors to the people of the community.

After our tour, the team went over to the kitchen and helped out with serving lunch to the community. The community is served three free hot meals a day which is mostly cooked and served by volunteers. Our time at The Midnight Mission was an eye opening experience filled with gratitude!




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