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Albena V. Echo Tech

Echo Tech, Albena V. speaks about her experience in her field after Global Service Resources hired her.

“The healthcare environment is something that I’ve been pursuing for a long time and something that I really love to do.

Everybody’s [GSR Staff] really quick responding and really quick helping me with any questions I had.

I really love the job… It’s a place to learn more, explore more, it’s really absolutely nice. I’m really happy that I got this job (Echo Tech).”

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Additionally, at Global Service Resources:

  • We deliver beyond what’s expected.
  • The customers measures the quality of our service.
  • We are honest and ethical in all our dealings.
  • Win/win releationships are valued and promoted
  • Diversity and teamwork are embraced

Our mission to bring great people and organizations together creates meaningful and long-lasting relationships. 

However, our ability to offer staffing solutions in Healthcare/Medical and Technology/IT markets sets Global Service Resources (GSR), Inc. apart.

For instance, we assist our customers and contract employees to understand and evaluate the positions and skills most valuable in your industry.

Above all, we grasp our knowledge to find you the right job opportunity or manage your workforce demands. 

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