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gov Global Service Resources (GSR) has over two decades of experience providing customized solutions directly to Government Agencies, Government integrators, and large and small business prime contractors and subcontractors. Global Service Resources Government Services targets Federal, State, and Local procurement programs by leveraging our scope, past experience, customer knowledge, and delivery capabilities. We work with large, small, and disadvantaged businesses to secure Federal, State, and Local contracts throughout the U.S. and overseas.  Our Government Services team provides contract management, proposal management, program management, recruiting, and security clearance processing.

Federal, State, Local Government Services Experience

Global Service Resources (GSR) participates in the National Industrial Security Program; our CAGE code is 1WKZ1. Our Government Services team can process up to a Top Secret Clearance and hold any level of clearance in conjunction with our customers. We hold small business enterprise certification (SBA); our certification number is 0021799. Global Service Resources (GSR) Government Services places highly qualified personnel for short-and long-term engagements. Our current contracts focus on a number of business areas, including Scientific and Healthcare, Information Technology, Aerospace, Defense and Intelligence, Aircraft and Ground Vehicle Training, Maintenance and Repair, Biotechnology and Life Services, Energy Services, Engineering, and Specialty Engineering,  Life-Cycle Systems Support, Logistic Support Services, Program Management and Administration, Quality and Information Assurance,  Virtual, Live and Constructive Training. Global Service Resources Government Services works with a variety of Government agencies, such as Federal Government, California State Government, County Governments including Los Angeles County, Fresno County, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles County Health Services, and much more.
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