What to do when a Recruiter calls you


You have finally decided it is time to move on from your company and you spent the last few nights relentlessly applying to every job that sounds better than your current! It is now time to get ready for recruiting calls, the “mini interview”, this is your first impression to your potential next employer. Here are some quick tips to get through your next recruiting call!

Pick up the phone

If you know that you have been applying to a lot of jobs lately then you be aware that recruiters will be calling you. While normally you may see a number you are not familiar with and forward it to your voicemail. If you are not busy and have a few minutes to spare, pick up the phone!

It’s okay to not be available to talk

Recruiters are blind calling candidates all day. They are aware that not everyone is available at the time they are calling at. It is better to tell the Recruiter to call back at a particular time rather than taking a call you cannot give 100% too. This could be a deciding factor on whether or not the Recruiter moves forward with you.

Treat it like it’s the big interview

There are two reasons why the Recruiter is calling you, either you are qualified and they are calling to get to know you or they are trying to confirm some vague aspects in your resume. The questions Recruiter’s ask are going to resemble interview questions so be prepared! While most screening calls are less formal than the traditional interview, it is important to show professionalism. Also, pay usually comes up so be prepared to pitch a desired pay rate. An idea is to give a pay range rather than a strict rate especially if you’re open to flexibility in pay.

Conversation may get off topic and it’s a good thing!

A big part of screening candidates is finding out if they will work well in their company work environment. If they ask about something off topic from the position, then go for it and show your personality. It is a good sign if you and the recruiter find something in common and it is usually a big goal of the recruiter to have that connection with the candidate. Remember the recruiter wants you to succeed!

Ask the important questions!

First, figure out what is important to you! Why are you looking for a new job? Benefits? Work environment? Pay? Flexibility?



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